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Easiest Boat Cover On The Planet

Pontoon boats, Runabouts, Ski Boats to Personal Watercraft & Golf Carts 

We've Got You Covered
Do you struggle with your boat covers snaps and straps?
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The boat cover that changed the industry 25 years ago

Start and end your day with the push of a button
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Touchless boat cover remote control

Get to the FUN FASTER!

The                          and safest way to get your friends and family on the water. 60 seconds to the FUN!


Retain a higher resale value on your boat by keeping it tucked away from the abusive elements.

Custom, handmade for your specific dock and lift.

An additional layer of protection for your boat from sun damage, weathering, animals, pollen, dirt and bugs.

Increase the resale value of your boat reducing depreciation.

Works on all docks/lift designs-boathouse, vertical lifts, 4 piling lifts, floating docks, cable or air- if you have it on the water, we can probably cover it.

Tough Top Gun 11-ounce material lasts longer and protects better than other covers

7-year limited warranty.

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