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60 seconds to the fun

Remote Operated

Fully automated, The Touchless Boat Cover® protection system can operate independently with any boat lift. By the simple use of a remote and press of a button, the cover will smoothly lower over your boat. It’s that easy!



Color Selection

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  • Top Gun Fabric: Easy to clean marine grade fabric. Fabric has UVA threading sealed with a polymeric coating which provides protection from outdoor exposure and is abrasion resistant. Available in 10 stock fabric color choices and 10 special order colors.
  • Marine Grade Frame: Frames available in both “Gator Shield” coated, galvanized steel and 6061 marine grade aluminum. Our frames are customized for any application from rivers and lake waters to brackish and ocean water.
  • Motor: Marine grade, fully sealed, outdoor, zero maintenance, remote controlled or phone app upgradable motor available in A/C and D/C models.
  • Ventilation Mesh: Maximum-flow ventilation system provides substantial airflow around the entire perimeter of the boat. This breathable feature allows your boat to completely air dry and not trap in moisture.
  • Zipper: Easy release zipper for ease of install or uninstall, for seasonal storage.
  • EZ Lace: Attaches fabric to framework acting as reinforcement fabric binding. Provides extra fabric support for high wind resistance and easy access to tighten zip ties.
  • Retraction System: Aircraft, marine grade, stainless steel cables are used to evenly gather fabric while the lower frame raises and lowers. Fiberglass rods installed in the fabric offer additional internal skeletal cover support and enhanced gathering.
  • Pulleys: Stainless steel pulleys with quick release sheaves.
  • Binding: Stylish acrylic binding for protection and high end finish.
  • Riser: Customizable built-in post used to support the cover where no support is available.
  • Angle Bracket: Heavy duty adjustable bracket for large overhangs greater than 3 feet.
  • Grommeted Holes: Customized drain hole placement on each cover allowing rainwater to drain.
  • Boot / Tower: Custom cavity design for additional coverage customized for Towers, T-tops and Bimini Tops. Boat accessories are tucked up inside of boathouse rafters maximizing the height the boat can be raised in the boat house for complete protection.
  • Boat Lift Cables: Our covers are custom designed to work with any existing boatlift cable and existing pilings.
  • Cable Holes: Openings are custom fit for cover to allow boat lift components to pass through cover.
  • Segmented Zipper Openings: Custom zipper openings can be installed at any desired location for access to boat lift components, lights, or overhead storage.
The Touchless Boat Cover® has a patented product design that uses a unique retraction system engineered to provide both convenience and lasting protection to your boating experience. All Touchless Covers feature distinctive qualities that make our covers the most demanded boating accessory for everyone. Our unique frame designs are strong and durable in lake, river, brackish, and ocean waters. All of our covers feature marine grade, UVA protecting “Top Gun” fabric designed for a wide range of geographical climates.

Each cover order is a unique custom design. Your boat, boat lift, dock, and/or boathouse, are measured personally on your dock by a factory authorized dealer, then sent to be constructed by our manufacturing team.


Factory Certified

Each dealer is factory certified and guaranteed by Touchless Boat Cover® to be the best in their area. Our covers are only installed and serviced by our factory authorized dealers to ensure the top-quality status we hold throughout the boating industry. Our team consists of almost 100 dealers in more than 30 states and is constantly expanding to new areas.

Every dealer we welcome to our team is required to attend a training session at our corporate office located in Orlando, Florida. There, in our state of the art training facility, dealers receive certification through a step-by-step training on how to properly sell, install and service The Touchless Boat Cover®.

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